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Ordering tests with Genome Investigation is a simple process

Genome Investigation P/L is able to forward your cancer specimen on to Agendia.


Agendia is able to perform the Symphony™ cancer assays on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue from a paraffin block, unstained slides or fresh tissue from the biopsy or surgical specimen.  Frozen tissue is not required.  Please see specimen instructions below for more information. 

Ordering Specimen Collection

To order Specimen Collection, please ask your Specialist to download and complete the Test Request Form and email kylie@mammaprint.co.nz, to ensure timely delivery of your cancer specimen to the Agendia Californian laboratory.

Specimen Requirements (Parrafin Embedded Now Available!)

Block with invasive tumor  OR
10 unstained slides with 5µm section on each slide

Specimen Requirements (Fresh)

The Symphony profile tests can be performed on core needle biopsies or tissue taken from a surgical specimen.
Fresh specimen (3x3mm, tic tac size) in RNARetain